Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Your personal information is never shared. If you prefer to not have your username associated with your project for when I post the finished pictures on social media just let me know! 



Terms of Service
Shipping: WvsK ships worldwide! Shipping is caculated per order. Typically $25 - $150+ for shipping. 
Portfolio use: I encourage the use of image sharing! As long as credit is given and the watermark is NOT removed, you are free to upload images where appropriate - If an individual claims to have crafted anything made by me, you have violated our TOS. Our images are free to be uploaded wherever, however, you may NOT alter the original image in any way.
Durability:  I use the highest quality materials on the market! I guarantee my products are high quality. HOWEVER, even with proper use and storage, pieces that receive high stress such as hands, crotch, armpits, and feet have to be replaced every few years. A care / cleaning guide is sent with every  purchase.
Strategically Placed Hole (SPH) Policy: Available for adult body orders.
Ventilation, vision, health concerns: Ventilation is superior, however, any and all mascot and mask type of costume that covers the skin will trap in heat. All costume pieces are light weight and breathable. The mask/head is lined with cooling spandex for a comfortable performance. Vision is through the iris (colored part of the eye ) using a mesh called 'plastic canvas' which is hand painted with waterproof acrylics. Any serious health problems such as: asthma, heart, back or neck problems put you, the user, at an escalated risk of injury. I do not hold any responsibility for any physical harm caused while wearing a WvsK costume or items as they are checked multiple times through out construction to ensure safety and quality.
Warranty:  I cover your costume for full repairs for life. If damage is significant I will request compensation, teared seams, holes, ect are covered for free. Shipping costs for all postage expenses must be paid by you. 
Removal of WvsK branding tags, alternation of your costume in any form (refurb, change hair, any alterations) will void the warranty. Warranty does not include free replacement pieces (e.i. new hands, new tail, ect) only repairs on existing pieces.


You have 30 days to return your product for a full refund. The product must be shipped back prior to your money being returned. Full refunds are only for faulty/damaged products

Returned Product Policy: Once I receive the costume alterations will be made to avoid selling a copy of the client's character out of courtesy. Money from this sale will be used for your refund. A refund payment plan will need to be created for large balances of money.

Premature Commission Cancellation Policy: If the client decides to cancel their slot before the amount is fully paid off, you will get a refund. This refund will not include the 30% down payment. Why do you not get a full refund? Because you have taken up my time, I am offering you personalized customer service and the 30% payment is used for supplies and the time I spent discussing your project.

WildvsKings does not always have money laying around to instantaneously refund a large sum, depending on the situation, refund payment plans will need to be arranged.


You can sell your slot in my queue, the new client's design must be approved by me. Absolutely no exceptions. by commissioning me, you are agreeing to this policy.

Deadlines:  I do not accept deadlines, I work in order of who is paid off first. WvsK queue is linked to you so you can keep track of where your project is on the waiting list. When I give dates, I mean in a very estimated amount of time, no date is specific or exact. Sometimes I can over or under estimate. If you have an issue with my wait times, I will refund you.  I am creating a 100% custom piece of wearable artwork, sometimes there are personal or business situations which prohibit progress from being made on a project (such as medical problems, or material shipment being late, ect). By commissioning me, you agree and understand that you can not set specific dates such as convention or event deadlines. You can inform me you have an event and I can keep that in mind when building your costume, however I do not have any guarantee. This policy is void if you pay our rush fee. 


Minor Policy:

We can not work with anyone under the age of 18. You can have your legal guardians work with us and send payments for you, but we can only be in contact and receiving money from legal adults.

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