My name is Kayla, or known in the furry community as Series. I've been creating fursuits, clothing, and festival fashion since I was 13 years old! It is my passion to bring characters  and ideas on paper into reality. Based in Kentucky, building suits since 2012 with love.

Want your own fursuit but not sure where to start? View my pricing, TOS, and portfolio page before you contact me so you have a general idea of what you're looking for and I can help you. 

What is a "fursuit"? The term is literally a conjunction of the word fur and the word suit. My fursuits are made by sculpting a base out of foam, lining the interior with spandex, patterning and sewing, and then gluing faux fur down onto the base. Each fursuit ever created has its own unique character and shape. It is mandatory that you have your own unique design or allow me to design a character for you, copying someone else's design is not tolerated in the furry community. A fursuit can range anywhere from just wearing the head to a head-to-toe full body costume. Each piece of the costume is created custom with your measurements for a perfect fit. We work with any body shape or size, no one is too small or big to become a fursuiter. 

art by pandoramonsteraa

 images © WildvsKings

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