Closed for new orders, check back fall 2020

STEP ONE, Concept Art

If you are brand new to the furry community you will need concept art of your character.

I can work with text descriptions or visual references to help design a custom character for you.

If you already have a character design and concept art ready just keep your eyes peeled for an opening to apply! Concept art by me specifically is NOT required, any artist is fine.

WildvsKings opens for new commissions on an occasional basis.

I do not offer quotes when closed. Social media is the best way to stay up to date.

Please visit my PRICING page to get a general idea how much services cost.

Each project is quoted on an individual basis.

Mask/Head only concept art: $20

Full body concept art: $40


You will need to have your concept art and money set aside to increase your chance of being selected. I accept payment plans, a non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your slot. Please view the TOS page for the refund and service information.

Deposits typically range from $500-$1000 USD. 

Now is the time to think about any additional features you want on your fursuit such as magnetic eyelids, a specific hair style, and any jewelry or accessories your character needs. 


WildvsKings opens on an occasional basis and does not provide project quotes when closed. Follow my social media to keep up to date on any commission openings and premade fursuits for sale. A google forms link will be posted along with my opening, the form and following emails will include all the information you need for the commission process. If you do not get accepted when you apply please do not be discouraged, apply again next round!

I can only accept so many orders at once as I am one person.

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This is not a quote form. Please view my entire website before submitting a question.

Prices can be found on my pricing page. 

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