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Health Warning and Disclaimer:

While it can be easy to get caught up in the fun of playing a character, it is recommended to have a handler with you to ensure you stay hydrated and safe during your performance. 

Ventilation is through the mouth and eyes, however, any and all mascot or mask type of costume that covers the skin will trap in heat. You must stay aware of your body's limits while you wear this costume as it is possible to over-heat. Remember, you are wearing a giant faux fur coat essentially. The mask/head is lined with cooling spandex for a comfortable performance and to wick away sweat. Vision is through the iris (colored part of the eye ) using a mesh called 'plastic canvas' which is hand painted with waterproof acrylics.

Any serious health problems such as: asthma, heart, back, or neck problems put you, the user, at an escalated risk of injury. I do not hold any responsibility for any physical harm caused while wearing a WvsK costume or items as they are checked multiple times through out construction to ensure safety and quality.

Lifetime Fursuit Warranty:
I cover your costume for full repairs for life. If damage is significant I will request compensation, teared seams, holes, etc are covered for free. Shipping costs for all postage expenses must be paid by you. 
Removal of WvsK branding tags, alternation of your costume in any form (refurb, change hair, any alterations) will void the warranty. Warranty does not include free replacement pieces (e.i. new hands, new tail, etc) only repairs on existing pieces.

Faulty Product Refund Policy:

You have 30 days to return your product for a full refund. The product must be shipped back prior to your money being returned. Full refunds after delivery are only for faulty/damaged products.

Returned Product Policy:

Once I receive the product or costume any necessary alterations will be made to avoid selling a copy of the client's character out of courtesy.

Premature Cancellation Policy:

If the client decides to cancel their slot before the project is ready, they will get a partial refund. 

This refund will NOT include the 30% down payment if work has been started or materials purchased.

If you did a 50/50 payment plan method the nonrefundable portion is only 10% of the total quote.

If I need to cancel the commission the client gets a full refund. The non-refundable deposits only apply if the client cancels, if the fault lies with me the client gets a full refund.

WildvsKings does not always have money laying around to instantaneously refund a large sum, depending on the situation, refund payment plans will need to be arranged.

Payment Plans: 



Payments after the initial 30% deposit can be made at your leisure, there is no late fee for taking time to pay off your project* Please contact me prior to sending any payment so I can confirm once I received it. You can pay up to 90% of your project, once I finish making the project that is when you pay for shipping the remaining 10%.


Pretty self explanatory, half down to get you on the list and then the remainder and shipping cost once I finish the project. If the client cancels before completion the non-refundable portion is only 10% of the total quoted price. 


* If I do not receive payment from a client or hear from them for 2 years you forfeit your money and project. 

Payment Options: I offer payment through Paypal, CashApp, or Zelle.



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